Today we celebrated Riya’s 6 month birthday with some art. She’s growing so fast I don’t want to miss an opportunity to make my sentimental things. I bought some Crayola finger paint from target, laid out an old box and some paper. When she felt the cold paint squeeze through her toes her body moved in excitement and she stomped all around her canvas. I was aiming for something simple but she had a more abstract approach which I absolutely adore.

At 4 months gestation, were now getting to see her personality. She’s so aware of her surroundings, analyzing and learning. She has a quiet little voice so far but completely the opposite when she mad or upset. Riya’s favorite show is Peppa Pig, she loves grabbing my iPhone and people’s faces she loves. She giggles growls and rolls around on the carpet in her room to get to things she sees. I thank God for every day I get to spend with my baby being a stay at home mommy. For the past 6 months, she has been getting the best, loving and nurturing care which was the most important to me especially after having to see her struggle in the hospital. I needed to provide her with the comfort and security she deserves. Now she is happy and secure, she’s not huge on crying and she loves to hug her mommy and daddy. Every day is a blessing with my Riya.


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