It may not seem like much but there are a lot of painless, stressless savings opportunities for moms. Here are 6 apps to help save money.

Last year was a very interesting year for me and really eye opening.  Not bringing in income with a baby on the way really taught me to live below my means in a way that I’m utilizing all of my resources available to me in order to save money. I realized that there are free apps I can use to save some money without the Sunday newspaper.

This led me to start a saving money series where I’ll be sharing with you tips and tricks to save some extra money in your pockets with little to no effort.  The best part is, it’s actually worth it! There’s nothing better than saving money on a box of diapers! I’m kicking off this little series with apps you can download to save you money right now. It’s important to know that with a few of these apps, it may be tempting to want to buy an item to save money but with couponing, always buy within your intentions, and most importantly your means. I’ll elaborate a little later on the post. Here are the 6 best apps I use to get you started on saving money.

6 Apps Help Save Money

  • Flipp: Flipp is a great tool to use to take advantage of savings. It has weekly ads (updated every week), coupons, loyalty card savings and even a shopping list feature. I use this app for the ads it really helps to keep up with any sales I may need.
  • Coupons is the best coupons app I’ve seen so far. Coupons provide almost $1000 worth of manufacturer coupons. You will need a printer to have access to the coupons. No need to wait for the newspaper anymore, the coupons are easily accessible with a click of the printer.
  • Target Cartwheel: Target cartwheel is one of my favorite apps! If you’re a frequent target shopper don’t miss out on the savings because Target can be pretty pricey. Pairing cartwheel with a Target ad and manufacturer coupon, that’s extra savings!
  • Krazy Coupon Lady: This app is a great tool if you need help combining coupons and sales to really save money. I definitely use this for ideas and other websites I can go to print out coupons.

Rebate Apps

  •  Ibotta: Ibotta is a great rebate app where you can get real cash back on any items you purchased. You don’t get your savings right away because you do have to collect the minimum of $20.00 before you can transfer money (or buy a gift card) but there are multiple ways to earn cash. You can submit a receipt, link your loyalty card or use a mobile app purchase. There are over 300 participating stores so there are a lot of opportunities to save money. The best part is if you sign up today, you’ll receive a $10 welcome bonus. Click here to get started.
  • Checkout 51: Another rebate app and a little better than Ibotta (in my opinion), Checkout 51 has more necessity products to save money on. I combine Checkout 51 and Ibotta to look for any products that I need to buy or that I have bought already.

The most important thing to know about rebate apps and coupons is that more than often there are a lot of products that you won’t really buy. You may be tempted to buy a product because you’ll get to save 10% or $3.00. However, keep in mind that coupons are meant to save on the things you need. Like for example, I know that I’m going to have to buy diapers or toilet paper. If there is a sale e.g., BUY 1 GET 1 FREE, I’d take advantage and use my rebates as well as manufacturer coupons before the sale and savings expire.

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