I love watching her sleep, like a crazy stalker mom that I am. It’s finally summer time in Southern California so I got to snap some good pics in natural sunlight. She also loves sleeping in mommy and daddy’s bed. I can’t wait to snap some photos of her smiling and engaging. The aging difference has been so weird, I never thought it would be. She’s been with us for 3 months but she wears newborn clothes and still acts like a newborn since she hasn’t reached her social milestones yet. But she can lift up her head and shoulders, she loves to roll over and drinks 4 ounces of milk every 2 hours. I get the notion sometimes that she is fighting to catch up, she has a strong spirit and doesn’t mind letting me know what she doesn’t like. I love that about her.

Do mothers of preemies celebrate their gestational age? I’ve been told preemies aren’t fully caught up until the age of 2. It’s been another hardship I’m trying to get through because I get so anxious to see some progression, I get desperate to see her thrive. I also want to start getting some sleep again, to be honest. I appreciate the little things though like when she looks up at me when I pick her up with her little arms holding my arms trying to hug me. I even love it when she cries because I know she’s comfortable letting me know when she doesn’t like something, I love it that she knows that her mommy can comfort her. Happy 14 weeks, 1-month gestation little peanut.

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