A discussion popped up on my timeline (@sunkissedqueen_) last month about mothers celebrating Father’s Day. Some people believe that in a single household the parent has to play both roles. I grew up hearing that all the time and believed it whole heartedly. Growing up I used to wish my mother happy Father’s Day to spite my absent dad and just because I got a kick out of it. I had a change of heart since I became a single mom myself. Not once have I felt like I have to play a father role. I’m really here thinking to myself what roles are these that separates mother from father. I only see it as having two active parents instead of one, in my opinion.

Gender roles is still a thing and will be forever as long as we have our personal identifiers whether it be physically or sexually. Of course the lines are blurring. But what does that have to do with our parenting dynamics? More importantly, why do single mothers have to celebrate Father’s Day as if there are no single fathers out there? Even with two parent households a father should be celebrated.

Why take away from their moment? Bitterness, maybe? Maybe we want to celebrate doing it all, to jab at the man who literally lives his life as a single bachelor all while the woman has to be tied down with a child or children that it took two to make. I understand the motive, but let’s instead celebrate the men who are in their child’s life like the damn unicorn they are. Let’s lift up the single dads who are doing it all by themselves. They need support just the same if not even more because there’s nothing like the love of a woman. How can a man compete with that?

This Father’s Day I’ll be sending my words of encouragement and compliments to all the fathers and single fathers out there who are working hard to raise their children. I won’t be celebrating Father’s Day but I’m here for the shenanigans this mother’s Father’s Day May bring.

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