Today was her 4-month check up and surprisingly enough Riya is looking like a full term baby. There’s a misconception that babies stay behind physically, along with socially, but what I’ve learned about my little one is that she loves to feed. She never turned down a bottle, even when I know she’s full. It’s almost instinctively a survival of the fittest situation for preemies with no medical complications. “She was one of the lucky cases,” her pediatric says. Even her intolerance to cows milk didn’t stop her from feeding. She’s now 13 lbs and 24 inches!

The past week she’s grown at an overnight speed and I’m so excited. What I’m more excited about are her milestones. At her appointment, I had to fill out an assessment form explaining what she’s able to do based on her age. It’s adjusted to her age so she’s at the 2-month mark. Some of the milestones include making cooing noises, smiling, and grasping objects. It’s so rewarding to see her smile when I smile or when I greet her as she wakes up and she grins and she stretches. There far and few between but very special none the less.

When I think about how far she’s come from her birth, which is not that far lol, I’m already so emotional. She’s smiling and making noises now tomorrow she’s going to be walking and talking. My mom told me to cherish the moments because life will pass in a blink of an eye and she’s going to be grown up. She was so tiny now she’s a chunky, happy, strong baby; every day is a blessing.

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