It’s true they say all your baby’s celebrations is actually for the parents and loved ones. So much has changed in the past couple months in our lives. At 9 months of age X had her first Christmas! With all her presents under the tree, my mother and I unwrapped her gifts while she watched unsure with what’s going on. She enjoyed the spectacle of it all as she was more excited about the wrapping paper until she saw her new toys and books. My kid knows a toy when she sees one and her eyes lit up in excitement. Although I wasn’t able to buy her anything, I’m thankful for my mom fulfilling that job and I’ll be taking over next year.

My little 9 month old is eating her solids, with a healthy appetite for different foods. Her change of diet has given her some digestive problems which is to be expected, she handled the tough times like a champ and got through it together. X is almost crawling, she’s taking her time with this milestone since she’s able to move with her feet in a downward dog pose. Makes me wonder if she’s going to skip straight to walking, she has more of an interest in standing on her own feet especially since she sees everybody else walking.
As she gets older her personality shows even more. My mother says how she’s going to be a piece of work, I just smile. I secretly want her to be, I prayed for her to be naturally strong-minded. I had to work hard to quality, still working on it. Overall I just want her to know her full potential and know that I’m here to care for her, to love her and support her. I just want her to thrive in the world, I want positivity and words of affirmation to surround her constantly. I know it’s not going to be perfect but it’s worth it. I believe every mother and father should work towards uplifting and educating their child no matter what personality they are. No matter how she acts I look at her with optimism and joy that she is going to grow and be a beautiful person inside and out.


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