Today is my 25th Birthday and I like to spend my special day reflecting on where I’m at, how I started and where I want to be. The most drastic thing that has happened for this birthday is of course having a child. As dramatic as this sounds becoming a mother is a life-changing experience. From the moment I gave birth I entered into mommy mode, wanting and willing to do anything for my baby, effortlessly. Not to say that it’s far fetched, morally speaking it’s the right thing to do. But when looking deeper into what mothers do, we become more nurturing, intuitive, and maybe even more cautious naturally. Where does this comes from? Only God knows but I’ve noticed the simplest things that I’m able to do that I never could do before. It’s like I leveled up as a person overall and I appreciate this better version of myself that I’ve become.

I can wake up early in the morning. Sleep shmeep. Before motherhood, I was the laziest person ever. If I was working or at school, I made my schedule around my sleeping habit so I can at least sleep at least til 10am. Waking up at the crack of dawn just wasn’t in my DNA, I’ve always been a night owl. Taking care of Riya is far more important than sleep. It was hard at first of course but now I can wake up at 6am with only 3 hours of sleep to make a bottle before she wakes up.

I can take 3-minute showers. Long hot showers are a thing of a past. Even when she is sleeping, I really don’t spend my time taking showers because, in that allotted time when the baby is taking a nap, I’m either trying to clean, do school work or take a quick nap myself. Besides, I read that long showers can dry out your skin.

I’m on time for everything. I learned almost instantly to schedule my time effectively to get the baby and myself ready and out the door to make it to an appointment or an engagement. It’s so crazy because I used to be late to everything then my baby comes along and somehow I’m never late nowadays.

I’m a multi-tasking maven. Although I’m not working currently. I juggle school, baby and house duties which to my surprise is a lot. I just hope I can carry this new found gift in my career once I’m done with school.
I’m even more motivated to get my career on track. Speaking of my career. I’ve always been pretty headstrong about finishing school and working towards a goal to have a steady, well-paying job that I can enjoy on a day to day basis. Now that I’m a mommy it’s n absolute need to reach my goals. Not only is it important to be able to financially provide, I want to be a positive example for my kid and future kids.

Have you ever thought of the things you can do now as a mother? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below! 

7 thoughts on “5 Things I Can Do Now That I’m a Mother”

  1. This is so cool! I’m turning 25 in one month and I just had twist last April. So crazy how my life has changed. I too wake up early, learned to take quick showers, but I also eat way less (which I’m trying to change) and I don’t workout as much as I use to (also trying to change). I love being a mommy. It’s the greatest blessing that has come from my marriage.

  2. Motherhood naturally pulls the “superhero” out of us. Our magic matetalizes, our abilities are heighten, we stretch ourselves beyond our preconceived limitations. Our children make us better people.

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