I’ve always dreamed of having a jungle oasis where I can hide away in  a bed of leaves and flowers, smelling the fresh air, hearing the trickle of a waterfall and eating from my tropical fruit trees. Sadly I live in a small apartment with an even smaller patio. This summer I’ll be starting a herb garden out on the patio of our apartment. As a teen, I had the luxury of enjoying the vegetables my mother grew. Although it was short-lived, it’s an experience I’ll never forget. I honestly wish it was something I grew up with. Learning how to grow your own food and picking the fruits of your labor is the best feeling ever. My mother grew cucumber and squash, it was way better than any farmers market. I personally think the satisfaction of the quality originates mentally. I really want to provide a calming activity for my children.

I love the idea of using unconventional items to store plants. I especially love the storage cart from IKEA for only $30. Succulent Garden

These styles are great for 2nd floor and up apartments. Although I dream of a patio disguised of a jungle, our place is temporary. Vertical Clay Pot Garden


Ultimately, I would love to grow herbs and some vegetables like avocados, cucumbers, and tomatoes. I can’t wait to start.

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