Every once in a while, I get stuck in a funk of negativity. Sometimes caused by my environment, sometimes for no reason to my understanding. We’ve all heard of a detox diet like a juice cleanse, for example, which helps restart our bodies physically, but what about mentally and spiritually. There’s so much attention on our physical we don’t realize the toxicity and problems we face in the world that is detrimental to our inner being.  Start an emotional detox. This can help you clear out any stagnant pain that you weren’t able to release back in into the universe, so you can bring in clarity and light to your spirit. We can’t have control over the pain we face, but we can always strive to press the restart button. Plus, I love to detox when I need to write and get my creative juices flowing.

The following are some tips to start an emotional detox

1.Take a social media hiatus, or cut back on social media and mind numbing tv (for example). Unplugging from the internet is always important for me. Whenever I try to think clearly, it can become a major distraction and sometimes it makes me feel lethargic and uninspired. This can go as deep as the relationships you keep. Long story short, cut out or cut back what makes you ill.

2. Talk to someone. I suggest someone professional, talking to mom or a friend may not help when dealing with personalities. I went to a therapist for 3 months to just talk. You don’t necessarily have to have a condition so to speak. In 3 months, I found the root of my sadness and I was able to release and start fresh.

3. Be one with nature. My greatest moments of clarity have been when I was surrounded by nature. I believe that nature was a gift from God and some of us take it for granted. Looking out at the ocean on the beach or going hiking surrounded by calming sounds has always been a humbling experience. It helps me to focus on all of the good things.

4. Affirmations. Speaking on something into fruition is intuitive; believing is a major component in it working. In my hardest times, I talked myself out of a spirit of negativity, as well as praying. I learned about words and their power and the more you say “you are,” the more you will be. More importantly, you can’t expect people to lift you up. Actually, it’s the complete opposite. We all have the tendency to bring people down. Be that uplifting person for yourself. Life is what you make it and it’s far easier to live optimistically.

5. Meditation. There are many forms of meditation that help the psyche like guided meditation and yoga which has many forms under its belt. I want to specifically talk about pranayama. Pranayama is a breathing exercise that promotes proper breathing. I remember looking at meditation apps on my phone and came across it.


After doing my research, deep breathing does way more than just relieving stress. Practiced, it brings more oxygen to the blood and all of the organs. When we breathe normally (shallow breathing), we’re not giving our body what it needs to work more efficiently. Drawing air deeper into our lungs increases blood flow giving us more energy. I can attest to this because when I first gave it a go last year, I would practice each morning while I’m either on my way to work or in the parking lot of my job and when I stepped through those doors, my energy would last all day. I was also much happier at work too, and I hated my job with a passion.

I’m a huge advocate for this practice and it’s great for those who want to begin their meditation journey. For more information on pranayama’s benefits check out www.chopra.com. Also, check out the app I use for the exercise.

There’s way more out there to discover that might work for you to will help you to detox. I just wanted to share my two cents on what helps me to stay lighthearted. I’m in no way at the place of life-long spiritual bliss, but life is way, way better when I strive to keep in good spirits. It’s way easier to stuck in stress, depression or pain in fear of life’s roller coaster, but trust when you make that time to press pause and really evaluate and choose joy, it’ll get better. Perception is reality. I wish you all the best on your journey.


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