Riya’s hair is growing curly and beautiful and at the same time, it’s been getting dry tangled and matted. I realized that maybe I should be investing in a good natural hair product that can keep her hair moisturized and easy to detangle, a simple regular old baby body wash or baby shampoo is not going to cut it. I decided to provide a short and simple shea moisture review to give you an idea of how it works for my little one’s curly hair.


  1. I wash her hair once a week and moisturize/ detangle her hair 2-3x a week. She has a beautiful curl pattern so I detangle her hair while wet and lightly shampoo her hair.
  2. After shampooing I massage her scalp with a little coconut oil and let brush her hair, then, let it air dry. This method, after many, keeps her curls intact and keeps me from breaking her hair from when I’m detangling.

Before I started with shea moisture, I was using Aveeno body and shampoo wash. Although it was light weight, it didn’t provide any moisture to her hair leaving it brittle and dry. I decided to purchase shea moisture because it’s the only “natural hair” product line available for babies in the store. For $8.99 I figured I’d give it a go especially since I have no problems with the brand myself.

My first thought on the product is the color but I did some research and didn’t see any dyes on the ingredient list. The scent is pretty strong for a baby product and I would like her to smell like a baby. It is marketed to be a more natural alternative to other products like Johnson and Johnson.  A little goes a long way so expect a lot of suds with this product. I find myself putting a lot more than I should after it lathers up, I’ve been so used to lighter products that don’t have harsh ingredients.

After continuous use, my baby’s hair is cleaner and moisturized. But unfortunately, I’m not impressed with the product. I’ve grown to believe that shea moisture is becoming a little misleading. I’m looking for something less harsh that won’t leave a scent because a baby’s natural scent smells so good already. Staying away from potential harsh products is important to start off with your baby’s hair and skin. I’ll be on the lookout for a better shampoo and products for Riya’s growing curls.

UPDATE: We found after a week the shampoo gave her a fine rash numerous times after reusing. Not sure what happened to the quality of Shea Moisture but we no longer use the brand due to the quality decline (as well as the lack of representation of black women).

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