Let’s be real, baby clothes are not cheap. They’re are cheaper clothes for babies but the quality is terrible. As a frequent shopper for affordable quality baby clothes, I have found the best online stores. It’s true, you honestly get what you pay for. A lot of the stores on this list may have some shrinkage and you may need to air dry maybe even hand wash to maintain the size. However, overall the quality of the clothes are perfect for your growing baby.

6 Top Online Stores For Affordable Quality Baby Clothes


H&M’s quality is impressive, and I say this because I got some great prices for under $10 due to their end of season sales. They also have some in season clothes for $5-$17. There’s no h&m near me so I ordered some clothes online. Shipping took about a solid week. I did find the fabric of their clothes on the thin side. However, I washed and dried a hoodie and it didn’t shrink down a size. I went ahead a purchased a size bigger because I’d rather her grow into the clothes. Overall, I’m happy with the clothes so far. For 2 pants, sweatshirt, 2 undershirts, and a pair of shoes on sale, I paid $35 total. Not to mention they have a free shipping promo codes and % off codes that’ are always available.


I’ve yet to buy anything from this website but I love their kid selection. They bring new deals every week but they do expire so you have to hop on them before it’s too late. They have a ton of brands that are known for their good quality.

4.Children’s Place

I’ve yet to give children’s place a try but other moms swear by this place. Great place to purchase separate pieces to coordinate. I’ve heard no complaints about the sizing and are pretty washer machine friendly. They have a ton of offers and sales because I get an email from them almost every day which is great for extra savings.

3.Nordstroms Rack

I love their online store! They carry a lot of name brand items for a good price. I usually check regularly for any clearance items in a size or two bigger. Like h&m, I watch the end of season sales and stock up on shoes and clothes. The great thing about toddlers is you don’t have to be too fashion forward, and the styles for children move at a slower pace. I always try to get my baby’s staple items and shoes at the Rack.

5.Old Navy

Old Navy style is perfect for the summer. You can really dress your kid in cute and breathable clothes for a good price. Like children’s place they have a lot of separates to mix and match. They don’t have an amazing sale section like h&m does but they do have cash off offers.

6.Gap (Sale Only)

Gap clothes never disappoint, honestly. If I was making good money all of my babies clothes would’ve been at the gap. But if you’re like me and want to save a dollar, head straight for that sale section because the price tag on the clothes is just too much for me right now. I’m not mad at their prices though because you really are paying for long lasting clothes well after your baby grows out of them. However, I usually buy a hat or a staple piece of clothing for full price that will last all season.

There are a ton of website to get quality clothes for you little one online. Do you have a store you love? Share with us in the comments below.

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