My name is Shani and I’m a Bay Area-based freelance writer and student who is also a mom to a wonderful 2-year-old. I originally started this blog to journal important events in my child’s life, but I realized how my journey as a mother can help others.
Now Sunkissedqueen.com is a blog to provide moms with information, resources, and tips to thrive and feel supported while raising a child. We write about self-care/health, parenting, saving money, making money and everything in between.
While transitioning into motherhood, many women are faced with the uncertainty if they are solely emotionally, physically, and financially ready for a child. It’s true that you can never be too prepared to become a new mom. However, there are too many women who are faced with the harsh reality that they will have to do it alone. That’s 81.4% of families which are headed by single mothers, yet there aren’t enough blogs out there that represent us.
As I transitioned out of a failed marriage into single motherhood, things were tough. I was navigating life with a baby, trying to find work in my hometown while going back to school. I kept on thinking to myself, how am I supposed to do this? But like everything in life, you just do it and God makes a way.
This inspired me to share my story and knowledge so that I can inspire other mothers. I hope we can achieve our mission and build an online presence in the mom blog community.

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